About SuKo

The Finnish Homeschool Association is a religiously, politically, and ideologically independent association.

The Finnish Homeschool Association (SuKo) is a forum for cooperation, peer support, and guidance for citizens and residents in Finland. The association also hopes to promote the official recognition of the validity of homeschooling (which in Finnish is referred to as kotikoulu or kotiopetus).

The purpose of the association is to promote knowledge about homeschooling and to encourage the integration of related concepts and practices. If necessary, SuKo will inform municipal authorities and school staff about homeschooling as an approved and legal alternative to municipal schooling. Currently, practices regarding the official monitoring of homeschoolers vary greatly from municipality to municipality and teacher to teacher.


Email:SuKo provides more detailed information and advice by e-mail if necessary: toimisto@suomenkotikouluyhdistys.fi.
Facebook Groups:Kotikoulu – Suomen Kotikouluyhdistys ry SuKo, a peer support group for homeschooling parents.
Kotiopetus Suomessa – SuKo ry:n monialainen keskustelufoorumi, SuKo’s Facebook multidisciplinary discussion group.
Online Discussions:The association also organizes Virtuaali-illat (Virtual Evenings), where parents can meet for on-line discussions every other week on specific topics regarding homeschooling. Admission to the groups does not require membership in the association.


You can apply to become a full or supportive member of the Finnish Homeschool Association using a PDF form with instructions.

The Board of Directors will process the received application at its next meeting and announce the decision by email. After acceptance, the new member will be sent a letter of acceptance and instructions for membership fees and other practical matters.

Full Member

Full members may include parents and other guardians of a child enrolled in preschool education as well as those unenrolled in school; former homeschoolers who have completed compulsory education; and persons who have shown a special interest in homeschooling. The full members are approved by the board of the association after review of the application.

Supporting member

A person or legal entity that wants to support the purpose and operations of the association can be accepted as a supporting member of the association. You can become a supporting member by paying the amount of your choice:

  • Generous membership fee 30€
  • Standard membership fee 20€
  • Discounted membership price 10€

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Kotiopetus, kotikoulu ja oppivelvollisuus: Suomen Kotikouluyhdistys ry